Dan Haesler works with people to help them thrive, professionally & personally. In the Thriving Life Tribe, he shares his best tools and strategies so you can be your best, both at work, and at home. 

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In 2021 we need the mindset, tools & strategies to show up in the world at our best, not only for our own sake, but for the people we live with & love and those we work with & lead. 

Whether you want to improve your health, wellbeing, relationships, or professional performance, the Tribe is your place to learn & apply the mindset, tools & strategies you need. 


Don't 'hope' for the best in 2021

Be your best.

Learn how to apply the science of mindset, resilience, peak performance & positive psychology with Dan Haesler, one of Australia's most highly regarded coaches. 

Meet Your Coach

Hello, I'm Dan Haesler and I work with people to help them apply the principles of peak performance so they can thrive, both professionally & personally. 

I work with elite Australian sporting organisations, including the National Rugby League (NRL), Tennis Australia as well as The Australian Institute of Sport to help professional athletes, teams and coaches achieve happier, healthier and higher performance. 

And I work with leaders and educators from all around the world including organisations like Microsoft, Adobe & CHEP.

When I'm allowed to travel, I'm fortunate to be invited all over the world to deliver keynote talks and coaching on leadership, mindset, motivation and peak performance. I've presented alongside industry leaders, Olympians, Oscar Winners and His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

I'll be bringing all my insights, tools & strategies to the Tribe to help you be your best.

Fun Fact: Before moving to Australia, I was once identified, on national TV, as the UK’s worst housemate. 


The only thing you can really control,

is how you choose to show up. 


Learn to control what you can, and to let go of what you can't. 

Master your Mindset and develop your Emotional Intelligence in order to take whatever life throws at you next and turn it into an opportunity to learn, grow & develop. 


How Does the Tribe Work?

The Thriving Life Tribe is a community of likeminded people who are striving to be their best, both personally & professionally. 

It is not a typical course or program.

Rather it's a space where we'll connect to learn, grow & develop together.

By joining the Tribe today for free, you'll immediately get access to our securely hosted Online Platform in which you'll receive:

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  • The Tribe lessons will respond to the wants & needs of the Tribe community ie: You.
  • Coaching Reflections to embed and apply your learning to form new habits to help you thrive.
  • Daily Inspiration in our Private Facebook Group.
  • Pop Up 'Lives' through the year on FB & Zoom where you can work directly with me.
  • Connect with other like-minded people.
  • Ask me anything, anytime via your online dashboard or the FB Group.
  • Access on all your devices through the web or the app. 
  • It's 100% Risk Free to You
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  • And more...

Have you got your 21 Days to Better Wellbeing Journal yet?

Use this journal for three weeks to experience better focus, sleep & mood as well as improved outlook on life.  Research suggests you'll also improve ability to bounce back & your physical health.

Better Awareness


It all begins with awareness.


Do you get the feeling there's something holding you back from achieving your potential?

Are you ready to really see what you're capable of?

Are you showing up as the parent your kids need you to be?

Are you the person, the partner or leader you want to be?


Being a part of the Tribe will help you develop the awareness you need to enhance your health, wellbeing, relationships, or professional performance.

Being your best doesn't happen by accident.


Whether you want to improve your health, wellbeing, relationships, business or professional performance, the Tribe is your place to develop the mindset, tools & strategies you need. 

Choose to take control of what you can so you can be the best you can be, for yourself, the people you live with & love, and those you work with & lead. 

Choose to Thrive. Professionally & personally.

And choose to do it knowing it's 100% Risk Free & Guaranteed. 

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Better Motivation


Are you too busy chasing the goals other people have set for you to chase more meaningful goals?

Learn how to set & achieve goals that inspire you to unlock your fullest potential. 

Learn how to get the best out of yourself and those around you, whether they're the people you live with & love or those you work with & lead.

Better Habits

Master your day-to-day by building new habits and letting go of old ones in order to take you from where you're at right now to where you want to be. 

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